Celebrating Dr. Leila Denmark

Leila Denmark’s passing last week has been well reported in the news media. Dr. Leila, 114 years old when she died, was world’s oldest practicing physician when she gave up her practice at 103 years of age. Dr. James Hutcherson, one of Dr. Leila’s grandsons, is reported to have said, “She absolutely loved practicing medicine more than anything else in the world. She never referred to practicing medicine as work.”

“You keep on doing what you do best, as long as you can,” Denmark told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I enjoyed every minute of it for more than 70 years. If I could live it over again, I’d do exactly the same thing.”

Dr. Leila Denmark is a wonderful role model for all of us who are Too Young To Retire®. We celebrate the life of this exceptional physician.

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