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The Bonus Years – Health and Wellness – Part 2 (My Approach)

In Part 1 of “The Bonus Years – Health and Wellness”, I discussed the importance of understanding our life goals for our “bonus years”, and then using that motivation to define the health and wellness activities that will help us to best meet those goals. In Part 2 of this story, I share with you my approach for developing and executing my health and wellness plan.

For me, a big part of healthy living is bringing a positive mindset and positive energy to my health and wellness activities.  Whether rehabbing an injury, wanting to spend a long lifetime with family and friends, or mitigating the risk of disease, the more positive the energy put toward setting and achieving these health and wellness goals, the more likely the goals will be met. Have fun with the goals! Make them achievable! Don’t beat yourself up if at times you fall short! For example, if your goal is to eat more fruit during the day, make sure that those fruit options are visible and readily accessible to you.  The more you must search for oranges, apples, or grapes in the back of your crowded refrigerator, the less likely you are to select these options.

To sustain that positive mindset toward my health and wellness activities, I focus on the following:

  1. I visualize the health and wellness goal I am trying to achieve; what I need to do to set-up a successful outcome and what success looks like. 
  2. I look at each activity, big or small, as trying to achieve my personal best as opposed to a world’s record. 
  3. I make sure that I plan time in my day for these health and wellness activities; giving me something to look forward to throughout the day.

Each of us has our own approach to health and wellness that will hopefully allow us to achieve our life goals in our “bonus years”.  My approach is currently working for me, and by sharing it, I hope that it will be helpful for you.

Contributed by Don Fries, Retirement Coach, Certified Too Young To Retire® Facilitator