Truth and Lies

There are many kinds of lies we hear and sometimes use in life. They come in all shapes and sizes. There are little white lies such as we use to teach children, “Stop that or you’ll go blind!”, and of course big fat lies such as we hear from politicians and salespeople, like “Buy this and get rich!” or “You can keep your Doctor!”  Lies can be shaped in very creative ways like gift-wrapped presents to mask the truth or enhance it.

The truth, in whole or in part, usually arrives unadorned.  It merely is what it is.  Accepting the truth or not is for us all to determine.  While some truth is often mixed with falsehood of course, truth of and by itself is pretty much a standalone item. As such, it is usually better when we determine for ourselves what is truthful. It isn’t always easy.

The truth has a way of revealing itself when least expected.  It can be painful.  You can’t tell a person they are just sick when they have cancer for instance.  The truth will often reveal solutions. These days it seems an awful lot of folks have a problem with truth. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “If you say something often enough it becomes the truth.” This statement is often true even though based upon a lie.  What ‘reality’ people live within is relative to the truth they believe.

When I create a work of art for instance, I can ‘feel’ when perspective or colors are wrong. If I can sense it, someone else can see it.  I rarely frame much of my artwork as I am a terrible craftsman when it comes to making picture frames. I know this to be true so I avoid doing it. Thinking otherwise will not make the painting true to what it should be. It either is right or it isn’t.  Decisions made under duress or with too much emotion are often not totally true and you can feel when this is so. Something always feels a little “off”. You have but to listen to your subconscious and the truth will come bubbling up like a clear mountain spring. You can do this.

Listening and responding to your truth as a meaningful guide is a very enlightened way to live.  It actually makes life easier by creating fewer problems.  Fewer lies, mistakes and less stress, nothing to cover-up and a clearer and more focused approach to getting things done. When a lie is told it is the cover-up that ends up causing problems. Once a lie breaks another’s trust for example it is not easy to regain. All of this can be avoided altogether.

2020, feeling like the longest year on record, will actually end one day.  Even with its painful truths, it is a wonderful time to be alive. With a Sargasso Sea of abundant lies these days, it is difficult to find the truth and avoid stumbling blindly along as so many have. Find a quiet place every day and for as little as ten minutes, quiet your soul and let the wonder of being alive energize who you are. Be the change you seek. Let your subconscious determine your next course of action.  It is remarkably easy to do.  You see, when you remove external influences and pressures upon you, you draw from the wisdom of the universe to not only provide deep insight, but unlimited energy. Ideas and solutions will appear in ways you might never consciously imagine. We are all born with this ability and that is the ultimate truth you share with yourself.

Besides, would you want to live in a world where you must live according to someone else’s truth?

Contributed by Gregory Peters, artist and author of You Can’t Take it With You: So, What Do I Do with All My Stuff? available as an eBook on Amazon

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