Wanted: English Teachers

An ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher may not have made the Career Journal list of best careers for 2006, but it does supply some of the key ingredients that make these careers desirable.

• Good intellectual stimulation
• Strong job security
• High level of control and freedom in what to do
• Extensive direct contact with customers/clients

Add to this the fact that the demand for ESL teachers has never been higher, with long waiting lists and students applying through a lottery system. We believe ESL is a great ‘retirement’ career that can help you take advantage of the gifts of maturity:

• Strong desire to help and give back
• Diverse life experience
• Excellent people skills, including communications
• Patience, ‘big picture’ thinking

As a native English speaker, you have a skill that is much in demand around the world. If you’re bi-lingual, so much the better. If teaching is something you’re attracted to, you have made peace with the relatively low-salaries ($30K, give or take, for newcomers). The ESL teaching credential also gives you the opportunity to travel to interesting places around the world you might not consider otherwise. More information about training and other facts.

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